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    Pasteurizer include buffer tankpumpplate heat exchangerseparatoroptional)、 homogenizer(optional)flash evaporation(optional)hot water systemtemperature control system、concentrated acid and concentrated caustic system.



    Products flow to plate sterilizer and cool down to sterilized, it’s suitable for milkskim milkpartly skimmed milkyoghurtcream etc.



    Excellent heat exchanging performance and efficiency which high up to 90%, steam consumption low to 30-40kg/ton

    Back pressure design makes sure sterilized product side pressure higher than unsterilized product side, to avoid products pollution in case of plate damage

    Made from SS304 or SS316L, conform to food sanitary request

    High reliability key control unit and valves, long service life  

    Stable temperature control system and backflow system to ensure all products 100% sterilized, AB and Siemens PLC is optional

    Smart design, it’s easy to clean and operate, low maintenance cost

    Fat standardizationhomogenizing and flash evaporation is optional during sterilization process


    Milk pasteurization machine

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