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    Whipping cream

    whipping cream

    Whipping cream is a popular topping for fruit and desserts such as pie, ice cream (especially sundaes), cupcakes, cakes, milkshakeswaffleshot chocolatecheesecakesJelly and puddings. It is also served on coffee.

    Whipping cream also used as an ingredient in many desserts, for example as a filling for profiteroles and layer cakes.

    It is often piped onto a dish using a pastry bag to create decorative shapes.

    There are dairy and no dairy whipping cream, and no dairy whipping cream is much more popular now due to cost control.

    Dairy and no dairy whipping cream process as below,

    Dairy whipping cream

    Dairy whipping cream take dairy cream、skimmed milk、aqueous/oil phase as ingredients, then emulsified、pasteurized and homogenized to get final products


    No dairy whipping cream

    No dairy cream take vegetable oil and aqueous phase as ingredients, then emulsified、pasteurized and homogenized. The process is simple than dairy whipping cream, personally, the taste not good as dairy whipping cream.


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