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    Jelly production line


    Turtle shell jelly is a kind of herbal foods, it looks like jelly, but normally in black color. It’s also a kind of healthy food which is good for stomach, especially after you eat spicy foods. 

    It’s an Chinese traditional food too keep body balance. It made from jelly powder. Jelly powder feed through shear mixer hopper, it’s sucked by vacuum and mixed immediately with liquid, agglomeration free and mixing time reduced markedly. 

    Then other minor ingredients also feed, boil for 20-30mins and pump to buffer tanks for filling.  

    Shear Mixer is a special designed mixer for powder mixing, powder was suck by vacuum which generated by mixer when operation, no additional vacuum pump, powder mixed with liquid in pipe line and then mixed further by shear mixer to get homogenized mixture. 

    It saves lots of labor cost, high efficiency, low energy consume. 


    Jelly production line

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