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    Pigging system

    Pigging system also named pipe products recovery system. 

    It widely used for dairybeveragefoodcosmeticpharmacybiology etc. Especially the raw materials or products are much costly, it’s necessary to collect pipe line products. 

    This system could decrease products waste or pollution, and good for system cleaning. The system looks like a pig head, so it also called pigging system. 

    The special designed pigging system well fitted to pipe line, the pipe line connected with compressed air system which pushes pigging system to move in pipe line then push products out, many proximity switches installed in different position of pipe line which used for detection then adjust compressed air. 

    There is a pigsty at the end of the pipe line, after all products pushed out, the pigging system placed in pigsty, it also could be cleaned when CIP, dead corner free, after CIP, it’s pushed back to beginning of the pipe line or back through by-pass pipe line for next use.      

    Pigging system

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