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    Yeast propagation system

    All fermentation processes need to use yeast/culture. For example yoghurt, soy sauce etc. 

    Fermentation process is key point for final successful products, as you know, the fermentation process is achieved by yeast/culture. 

    All fermentation process shouldn’t have other bacteria, and the required yeast/culture should be distributed homogeneous in products. 

    Our yeast/culture cultivation systems could solve all this problems perfectly. 

    Room water feed into jacketed cultivation tanks, sugaroil and other ingredients feed into tanks through inline high shear mixer, the liquid circulate with cultivation tanks till all ingredients feed in. 

    Feed Yeast/culture and mix with in-tank agitator to get uniform mixture. Then sterilize and keep certain minutes, cool down and fermentation. 

    During whole fermentation process, the temperature keeps constant. After fermentation, the yeast/culture liquid pumped out for using.  


    Yeast propagation system

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