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    Pasteurized milk

    Pasteurized milk takes fresh milk as ingredient, pasteurized then get final products. The pasteurized temperature is 72-85℃, bacteria are killed but still keep milk nutrition and good taste at the same time. After centrifugal、filter、fat standardization、homogenizer、pasteurization and cooling, then filled and supply to consumers through cold chain. 

    General processing as below,

    1. Raw milk reception and cooling

    Milk tanker transport raw milk to raw milk reception station, raw milk reception pump connected to tanker with hygienic hose for milk shifting. Normally the line equipped with sight glass, filer、buffer tank, inline sampling valve, fine filter, PHE etc.

    2. Raw milk storage

    Milk silos used for raw milk storage, normally they’re outdoors. Each silo could receive raw milk from reception line. Mixing-proof valve block makes it’s possible that when one silo is feeding, another one could pumping to pasteurizer, and third one be CIP at the same time. No mixing.

    3. Milk pasteurization

    Raw milk pumped into PHE from a buffer tank, the PHE include two sections which supply best centrifugal and standardization temperature.

    Centrifugal separate fat at 55℃, and fat standardization line feed a certain amount cream back into skimmed milk.

    73-75whole milk supplied to evaporator, solid proportion no less than 11.4%, evaporator working temperature is 64-66.

    In pasteurization section, milk is heated to 85, and keep in holding tube for 15 seconds.

    When pasteurization temperature lower than set value, shuttle valve shift milk back to buffer tank.

    At final section, milk is cooled to 4

    90% heat exchange efficiency design reduce ice water and steam consumption remarkably.

    The rest cream cooled down to 8 through cold milk.

    Pasteurization temperature is 75-85, it’s stepless and adjustable, it could run stable at certain temperature of the range. 

    4. Pasteurized milk storage

    Pasteurized milk stored in several tanks, each one could feed from pasteurizer, and discharged to filling machine or mixing system. 

    5. Cream storage and dispatch

    Cream stored in several jacketed tanks, ice water used to keep tanks temperature. Cream could dispatched through discharge pump.   


    Milk pasteurization machine

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