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    Carbonated drink

    carbonated drink

    Carbonated drink liked by most of people, especially young people, the consumption volume is huge per year. 

    The main process is sugar dissolving to get the syrup, or some of carbonated drink manufacturers now use fructose as sugar alternative. 

    For large quantity sugar dissolving, normally we recommend Vacuum mixer which could realize automatic control and precise formula management, sugar stored in sugar silos and feed to mixing tank automatic and inline dosed when optimal temperature, the syrup could be further heated then sterilized in tank or in following process. 

    During circulation, the syrup filtering, especially for translucent carbonated drinks, it requires additional press filtering to get bright syrup. 

    Then syrup cool down and pump into mixing tank, and mixed with minor ingredients which pre-mixing in separate tank, syrup diluted with sterilize water in mixing tank, then discharge and mixed with sterilize waterCO2 at certain ratio in carbonated mixer then ready for filling.

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