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    Aseptic tank

    Aseptic tanks normally used after UHT and before filler. 

    It contains aseptic tankaseptic valve blockaseptic air system and steam condensate unit. Aseptic Tank equipped with CIP spray balls. 

    The system has two pipe lines, one is connected to filler through aseptic valve block, another one flow to aseptic tank when filler is not available. 

    All products valves are in steam condensate environment to ensure aseptic status during whole process. 

    Aseptic air system provides aseptic positive air for aseptic system to ensure aseptic status. 

    Steam condensate provides steam for valve block and pipe line.  

    The aseptic tank is a jacketed pressure tank, jacket connected with steam for tank sterilization and cool water for cooling. So the aseptic tank has much high requirement of S.S. and manufacturing technic. 

    There is few manufacturers could make aseptic tank system due to design and manufacture problems, so it’s much important to cooperate with a qualified engineering company.

    Otherwise, it’s not just economical loose or production pollution, it may take worse result to your whole manufacture lines or final products. 


    Aseptic tank

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