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    Sauce production

    Ketchupmayonnaisesalad dressing、custard、non-dairy creamer、coconut cream etc. are much important for our life which take better taste of foods. 

    Due to semi-solid status, sauce is not easy to handle during process, especially during sterilization.

    Cooked sauce normal process as below,

    Sauce processing

    Mayonnaise&Salad dressing example formula:

    Mayonnaise&Salad dressing formula

    Ketchup example formula:     


    Ketchup formula


    CCP  Of  Quality:


    Mixing&emulsifying process

    Oranoleptic index:  color、viscosity、flavor

    Physicochemical index: fat、protein、PH、salinity、acidity、denseness、density、brix

    Microbiology index: process design、SOP、online quality control、microbiological detection

    Storage&transporation: temperature、humidity、light etc.

    Quality defect analysis:

    Products seperate:  emulsifying process not good, emulsifying structure not stable

    Color change: too much oxygen involved in, fat oxidized

    Taste: emulsifying not enough, incorrect thickener, low oil content 

    Unpleasant smell: overcooked,untreated metal ion

    Microbiology out of limit: formula or processing defect,  disabled microbiology control

    Poor bake performance:  formula defects, incorrect emulsifier and thickener 


    Our Vacuum mixer could used for pre-mixing tank which equipped bottom high shear mixer and agitator to get fully emulsified and homogenized sauce, dead corner free, no air bubble in final products. 

    All processing could be controlled automatically. 

    Scraper heat exchange used for sterilization and cooling after that, 100% sterilization guarantee to ensure products taste and shelf life.

    Sauce production line

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