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    Jelly production


    Jelly is a dessert made with a sweetened and flavored processed collagen product.

    It made from combining plain gelatin with other ingredients or premixed mixture of gelatin with additives.

    The process as below,

    Gelatinflavorssugar and other additives dissolved in hot water through Vacuum mixer or Powder induction mixer, powders are fully dissolved and get homogenized mixture with high efficiency, agglomeration free,

    Vacuum mixer

    Powders could feed into mixing tank automatic and inline dosed, it be sucked into mixing tank under liquid level, so air bubble free, and mixed by bottom high shear mixer to get homogenized mixture in short time, high automatic, fewer man powerlower energy consumption.

    Powder induction mixer

    Powder feed into mixer hopper manually or from powder silo, then it sucked into pipe line and pre-mixed with water immediately, the powder/liquid mixture then flow back to mixing tank for circulation till all powder feed. Then mixture further mixed in mixing tank by in-tank mixer to get homogenized products. Compared with Vacuum mixer, the cost is lower, and require additional mixing tank etc.

    The fully dissolved mixture then refrigerated, slowly forming as it cools. 

    Jelly production line

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