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    CIP: Clean in Place

    CIP is a cleaning method that all components and pipeline in the line could be cleaned without dismantling. No human involving, so it could ensure cleaning reliability and repeatability.  


    Key Parameters of CIP Cleaning

    Flow rate


    Chemical concentration

    Cleaning time


    Main Components



    Tubular heat exchanger

    Forward and return pumps

    Chemical dosing

    Compressed air stirrer 

    Temperature and conductivity control


    STB CIP Highlights:

    Hygienic design

    Fully automatic control, no human involving


    Sediment no circulation

    Self-cleaning available

    International and reliable components 

    Hot and ambient CIP options 

    International top filler brands' OEM supplier

    Experienced&Skilled service team

    Large quantity references

    Optional loops

    Optional tank quantity

    Typical CIP cleaning process:

    CIP cleaning process

    CIP cleaning process


    CIP station

    CIP skid

    CIP system

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