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    Salt dissolving system

    Most of saucedressing and a part of foods include salt. But how to get salt dissolved solutions is a difficult problem for manufacturers due to salt’s corrosivity. 

    We design and manufacture many salt dissolving systems for world-renowned food manufacturers. 

    The required salt dissolving capacity is 4T/hr, and to get saturated salt solution. Electric hoist lift the salt big bags and move to salt silo, open the big bag manually, the salt feed into salt silo, below it, it’s inline salt mixing system, salt was sucked and mixed with water automatic, the liquid circulate with tank till all salt feed for one batch. 

    Valves control batches shift. All pipe line and pipe line fittings are corrosion-resistant for salt. Salt feed and dissolved automatically, this can save much labor cost and increase efficiency.   


    Salt dissolving system

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