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    Yogurt pasteurizer

    Ambient milk or yoghurt needs to pass second pasteurizer during process to ensure shelf life. 

    After fermentation and cooling, yoghurt pumped to pasteurizer buffer tank, the buffer tank is an inclosed pressure tank, more yoghurt pumped in and the tank air compressed, when the bottom valve opened, the compressed yoghurt pushed into rotor pump then flow to pasteurizer. 

    Due to yoghurt viscosity and flow characters, the inclosed buffer tank is much necessary, otherwise the yoghurt can’t flow when valve is open. 

    Due to yoghurt viscosity, it mixed through special designed inline mixer to avoid temperature difference of different parts during pasteurization. 

    The inline temperature detector check temperature, it will flow back to pasteurizer till it reaches fixed temperature. 

    After that it will kept in holding pipe for certain minutes then pumped to aseptic tank through aseptic valve block.



    Yogurt pasteurizer

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